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Broadcast Engineer Services

AM Radio Tower

AM Broadcast Tower

AM Broadcast Radio has been around for a very long time.  In fact many AM radio stations have been in existence for nearly a century.  Good maintenance of the studio, transmitter and antenna equipment has given longevity to this classic medium. Sparks Broadcast Service can provide the important Broadcast Engineer services that will keep your radio station performing it’s best.

Many AM radio stations use directional antennas which are exposed to harsh seasonal changes in weather. Regular maintenance can prevent deterioration of the antenna system, which could result in a reduction of coverage.  If your Directional Antenna system is in need of maintenance or adjustment, we can help.

When you believe there has been a reduction in your stations signal coverage, we can perform the measurements necessary to verify the actual coverage.  The resulting data will allow us to provide suggestions to improve your signal.

The FCC requires annual RF Emission measurements for every AM station, these are commonly called NRSC Measurements. These measurements verify that the transmitter and antenna system are performing properly and are not generating additional signals that may interfere with other communication services. Sparks Broadcast Service can perform your annual NRSC Measurements and provide you with a written report showing your radio stations compliance.

Sparks Broadcast Service also provides complete studio equipment maintenance and repair, facility design and construction.  The next time you are planning on a studio upgrade please keep Sparks Broadcast Service.

AM Detuning has become a significant issue for the cellular communications industry. Sparks Broadcast Service can take care of your Pre-Post installation radio station measurements, MoM analysis reports, Base impedance measurements, or simple AM Screenings. We can provide a comprehensive evaluation on the effects your cell site may have on local AM radio stations.